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SoulWorks LLC logoSoulWorks is a limited liability company dedicated to education in and practice of psychospiritual therapies. The principals are Cliff Bostock, MA, and Rose D'Agostino, MA. The two represent a broad range of training and study in humanistic, Jungian and somatic psychology. Both have come to recognize spiritual, soul-based work as fundamental to healing.

SoulWorks sponsors workshops for the general public and caregivers. Call 404-929-9030 or 404-525-4774 (Atlanta) for more information. Or you can email here.


About Cliff Bostock, MA

I have worked as a writer and editor for over 20 years — including stints as editor of small-town weekly newspapers, Creative Loafing and Houston City Magazine. In the early-'80s, after being awarded a book contract by HarperCollins, I became blocked. Although I managed to continue producing enough work to (meagerly) support myself, this block continued for about seven years.

During that time, I could find nobody to work directly with my creative block. I did discover that my own extended family was full of writers, musicians and artists who abandoned promising careers or otherwise became blocked. This in turn suggested that blocks to creative expression originate in the same (intergenerational) problems that block people in free self-expression in other ways. In a very real sense, I saw myself becoming like everyone else in my family. Still, I could find no way out.

Eventually, through some very intense experiential and psychospiritual therapy, I began to unfreeze my block. As I did so, I found myself able to write three weekly columns as well as attend graduate school fulltime and undertake training as a psychotherapist. My life began to change in many ways.

In 1995, I completed work on my MA degree in psychology, with emphasis in counseling, at West Georgia College — one of the nation's pioneering programs in humanistic psychology. In 1996, I enrolled in the new PhD program in Depth Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, Cal., where I commuted for classes one week a month for three years. A Jungian school under the influence of James Hillman and archetypal psychology, Pacifica attempts to take psychology out of the realm of the purely personal to examine how the "soul of the world" finds expression through and demands nurturing by the individual as well as our social institutions.

During supervised work as a psycho-therapist, I developed the Greeting the Muse workshop for blocked writers and artists. It soon became apparent, though, that this kind of work is not only useful to artists, but is helpful to anyone — individuals and groups, including business groups — who want to transcend the personal history examined (often repetitively and endlessly) in classic psychotherapy. It is now my main work, whether in groups, workshops or individual sessions. In all my work, I try to help people uncover purpose and meaning in life and recover the passion that connection to our purpose naturally generates. It is not psychotherapy. It is soulwork.

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Rose D'Agostino, MAAbout Rose D'Agostino, MA


After raising a family and working in a family-based business for 17 years, my personal and professional life took new focus in the mid-1980s. Like many others in my field, I was motivated by personal crisis to study and explore the healing of emotional and psychological life.

I enrolled in the feminist therapy program at Antioch University West in San Francisco. After a year in that program, I came to a startling realization: I wasn't really living in my body, or at least not consciously so. I transferred into the Somatic Psychology and Education Program. The deep body-oriented wisdom of the somatic course of studies was a perfect base for my explorations. I expanded my studies to delve deeply into a wealth of adjunct trainings: Authentic Movement, Bioenergetics, Craniosacral Therapy, Focusing, Breathwork, Massage, Sensory Awareness -- all focused on healing my relationship with my embodied being and increasing my skills in guiding others in their own explorations.

At Jerry Jampolsky's Center for Attitudinal Healing, I worked with young adults, adults and caregivers facing life-threatening illnesses and saw the deep healing that could occur when crisis is seen as a wake-up call. As the participants began to take an active role in their treatment and released old patterns, attitudes and beliefs which blocked connection with their life force and purpose, deep healing occurred on many levels, if not always on the physical.

Later, in working with a deeply disturbed population in Southern California at Hanbleceya Therapeutic Community, I came to appreciate the importance of intention -- how a shift in willingness to heal, to let go of old patterns, can bring an opening to an increased quality of life. Then, at Pocket Ranch in Geyserville, Calif., for over a decade the only transpersonal treatment center in the country, I was on staff for two years in the residential and STAR programs. There, my clients and I met virtually indescribable opportunities for growth and learning as Soul cleared a way for us to connect with our deepest longings – to realize our purpose, our Soul task.

In my own personal work and work with clients I became increasingly aware that, powerful though it may be, work on the physical, mental and emotional levels was not enough. Time and again, the work would go deep and then no further. It was only through longing for and contact with the guidance of Soul's spiritual aspect that relief and deep movement came. This drew me to trainings and practices which focus on an integration of spirituality throughout the being. I completed a four year training in Core Energetic Therapy, Dr. John Pierrakos' extention of his and Dr.Alexander Lowen's Bioenergetics. I also completed a four year training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, training in a spiritual healing system designed to reorganize and heal the client's energy field.

My explorations and trainings have developed my skills in working with the body, with emotional, cognitive, intentional and spiritual levels, using a wide variety of approaches, yet I do not call myself a 'healer.' I am keenly aware that each of us is our own healer, that our Soul is the guide. My joy and passion lies in helping others to uncover their own connection to the wisdom within. I delight in supporting the unfolding of this wisdom as it reveals itself in myriad expressions: in dreams, insights, images, synchronicities, the blockages and flows of the energy field, the everpresent messages from and relationship to these marvelous bodies. We have been trained and have trained ourselves away from recognizing the wisdom and outpourings of information which is ours. It is my pleasure to assist the Soul in this re-owning, this Soulwork.

I am in private practice in Atlanta, GA and offer individual, group and long distance sessions. I can be reached at 404-929-9030.


Graduate, Institute of Core Energetics West, 1995; Mendocino, CA.

Graduate, Barbara Brennan School of Healing, 1994, Long Island, NY

M.A. in Clinical Psychology, 1989. Somatic Psychology and Education Program,

Antioch University West, San Francisco, CA.

B.A. in Communication, Cum Laude, 1984. Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL.


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