Is SoulWork For You?

Soulwork Is for You if...

  • You are looking for a form of personal growth that recognizes the importance of the soul as the intermediary between the purely personal and the spiritual.
  • You are looking for an adjunct or alternative to psychotherapy for personal growth issues (but not for treatment of psychological disorders).
  • You are looking for a way to unfreeze a creative block. Writers and artists of all types particularly benefit from this work.
  • You are looking for a form of growth that does not explain your every problem as originating in your childhood history. In soulwork, we see our "symptoms" in a much broader context.
  • You are looking for a form of personal growth that recognizes the imagination as a profound tool of healing.
  • You are looking for a kind of work that fully acknowledges the body as a "field" in which the emotional, the spiritual and the mental are expressed.
  • You are looking for a way to explore your dreams and other drug-free altered states of consciousness.
  • You are open to exploring your relationship to society and culture.

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You Have Some Choices...

  • Individual sessions.
  • Ongoing weekly soulwork groups. These ongoing groups help people get in touch with their life purpose, explore blocks in fulfilling it and begin practicing change. The support of a group is especially helpful, since most people tend to become isolated from intimate contact with others when they are out of touch with their life purpose.
  • The Greeting the Muse Workshop, an intense, 11-week exploration of individual creative expression in a group setting. Some workshops are designed specifically for writers but most are open to anyone wanting to enhance creativity.
  • Other Workshops. Cliff Bostock occasionally also conducts day-long, weekend and ongoing workshop groups in spirituality, dreamwork, writing and daimonic consciousness.

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