Jungian and Archetypal Psychology

  • The Jung Index (Matthew Clapp's incredibly thorough, ever-changing site now includes an audio update and digizine.)
  • Jung, Analytical Psychology and Culture (This is the more formal, original Jung site.)
  • Archetypal Astrology (Yes, it is writ in the stars. And if you want to get a free chart for yourself check out this site:
  • Richard Noll (Author of The Aryan Christ and The Jung Cult. Noll has created an enormous controversy in the Jung community with his accusations that Carl Jung founded a cult of sorts, regarded himself as a kind of avatar and pirated much of his thinking from cults popular during his time. While much of Noll's scholarship has been questioned -- as well as his capacity to think metaphorically -- he does raise, in perhaps a shadow-driven way, questions with more serious content than their superfical accusatory expression.)
  • The Ares Press (The best site we've seen on archetypal psychology and its cultural applications.)
  • Prima Materia (Brian Wallace's ambitious site examining philosophical as well as psychological dimensions of Jungian-based work.)
  • James Hillman (Pages of Prima Materia devoted to archetypal psychology's main advocate and theoretician. Look for the "Contra Diogenes" discussion area for lively chat about archetypal psychology.)
  • Green Street (A Chicago-based site about archetypal psychology. Features many links.)
  • The Dallas Institute (The Institute, where Hillman hung out for years, continues to work archetypal psychology in the world, in the life of the city. It also maintains a publishing arm that distributes its own faculty's work, along with the texts of Gaston Bachelard. Robert Sardello, our favorite Archetypal Anthroposophical thinker, is associated with the Institute and one of his unpublished essays can be found here.)


  • Spring Publications (This is James Hillman's publishing house.)
  • Amazon (Plenty of bargains on books and CDs, but you have to pay shipping.)

Good Reading

  • Paradigms (Cliff Bostock's weekly column on psychology, culture, spirituality, et. al.)
  • Nerve (An online magazine that calls itself "literate smut" but is actually an examination of erotophobia in America. Adults only.)
  • Pug (Brad Lapin's "underground" quarterly is seriously iconoclastic.)
  • Salon (The best magazine online with lively discussion in its "Table Talk" section.)
  • Arts and Letters Daily (A teriffic compendium of daily-updated links to essays in philosophy, aesthetics, literature, culture, language, etc.)

Post-Graduate Education

  • Pacifica Graduate Institute (This school, where Cliff Bostock is a doctoral student, offers post-graduate eduation in depth psychology, mythological studies and clinical psychology -- all with a heavy Jungian influence. Students commute from all over the U.S. to take classes in three-day intensives.)



  • The Round Table Review (A killer newsletter exploring contemporary issues in Jungian psychology.)
  • Psychological Perspectives (A semi-annual journal published by the Los Angeles Jung Institute. It's the largest-circulation Jungian publication in the country.)
  • The Salt Journal (A bi-monthly with an emphasis on archetypal pscyhology, Salt successfully bridges academic and popular writing.)
  • Spring (The oldest Jungian journal, long under the stewardship of James Hillman. We love it.)

Cliff Bostock's Spiritual Teacher

  • Mother Meera (Mother Meera is an Indian avatar living in Thalheim, Germany. She is the subject of several books, including Andrew Harvey's Hidden Journey and Mark Matousek's Sex Death Enlightenment.)


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