From Rewrite to Rebirth

by Robert Morris
(Originally published in Atlanta Magazine - "A-Scene", January, 1998)

Cliff BostockCliff Bostock, a food critic and former managing editor for Creative Loafing, is making the unlikely transition from journalist to guru. After 20 years of seeing psychotherapists, Bostock became convinced that conventional methods of psychotherapy were not helping people and he began working toward his own Ph.D. Today he practices "Soulwork, a Therapy for the Imagination," which he offers primarily in an 11-week workshop, "Greeting the Muse" ($40 per session), to unblock artists and writers. Local writer Brad Lapin credits Bostock for breaking him out of a 10-year slump. Six months after the workshop, Lapin created Pug, an on-line art and fiction magazine. Bostock calls himself an "anti-therapist" and believes psychology has become preoccupied with the trauma of childhood. "We have become a culture of victims," says Bostock, who wants "to get people to climb out of the myth of developmental psychology that says our adult lives are preconditioned by our childhood experience."

Copyright 1998 by Atlanta Magazine | Published Jan., 1998

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